What's YOUR Star Wars Yule Log?

Sith Lords roasting on an open pyre… We here at Rebel Force Radio love when fans come up with ways to Star Wars-ify our favorite traditions. And the sacred “yule log” is no exception.

According to Wikiepeda, the “yule log” is “one of the most widespread Christmas traditions in early modern Europe, with the first recording of its appearance dating to 1184… the tradition's roots are debated -- some saying it is an ‘enfeebled version of the ancient Celtic human sacrifices’ and others saying it's simply related to a feudal obligation of acquiring firewood.”

Sacrifice, you say? It’s difficult to think of any character in Star Wars who sacrificed more for the Galaxy far, far away than Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. How appropriate that, thanks to BenjaminApple (at least I think he’s the originator of this one) on YouTube, you can have your very own fallen Jedi yule log to warm up your Holiday season. We’ve spoken of the Darth Vader funeral pyre video before, but it’s now a staple in the Swank and Mac houses this time of year. 

If the Dark Lord’s armor-clad carcass is a little too morbid for your clan, try this much cuter version featuring everyone’s favorite BB unit from our pals at Sphero. Yes, the creators of the amazing app-controlled BB-8 have just released their own yule log allowing you to cuddle up and keep warm to a crackling fire punctuated by the occasional purrs, whirrs and beeps of BB-8 himself.

So there you go: two great options for this year’s Star Wars yule log. Now it's time to get the eggnog, your favorite blanket, and cozy up in front of your screen of choice with Vader or BB-8. The choice is yours. And don’t worry…we won’t judge.

Happy Holidays!