Michael Giacchino Tweets Appreciation for Star Wars Oxygen

ROGUE ONE composer Michael Giacchino had some very nice things to say about David W. Collins's analysis of the new film's soundtrack as heard on our most recent episode of Star Wars Oxygen. In response to a tweet from David sharing the link to Episode 38 of our ongoing series, Michael said the following:

Everyone who has been listening to David talk about the music of STAR WARS on RFR over the years recognize his skill and knowledge, but it's a true reward for an industry giant like Michael Giacchino to give him props. David, ever-so-humbled, responded graciously:


"Lost"..."Inside Out"... Get it?

In reaction to the online back-and-forth, Skywalker Sound's Matthew Wood, a mutual friend of both gentlemen, added the following:

RFR sends it's warmest congratulations to Michael Giacchino and Skywalker Sound on their epic sonic contributions to ROGUE ONE. And also, of course, to David W. Collins for his achievements as a podcaster, actor, show host, and friend. And don't forget to give yourself an early Christmas present and pick up the soundtrack to ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY