The Franchise Presents Harry Potter

The Franchise is back! Hosted by Kyle Newman and Razzle Dangerously, and produced and co-hosted by Jimmy Mac, The Franchise dedicates each season to the most popular and beloved film franchises. The Franchise Season 4: Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts is out on These episodes are loaded with great conversation, insight and brimming with fun. Featuring guests like Seth Green, Jaime King, and "Fantastic Beasts" actor Dan Fogler.

Here are the episodes: 
401: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Chamber (with actress Georgie Flores & Paul Bateman)
402: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Azkaban (with actress Ashley Hinshaw & Paul Bateman)
403: Harry Potter and the Order of the Half-Blood (with actress Clare Grant & Seth Green)
404: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part III (with Dan Fogler & Mugglecast's Eric Scull)
405: Fantastic Beasts and Is This is a Prequel (with Jaime King & Mugglecast's Eric Scull)

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