RFR Q&A #21: Geriatric Jedi

Q&A regular contributor Matt Rashid is on board once again for tons of topics: The unmasking of Vader, The relaunched Escape From The Death Star board game from Hasbro, Memories of buying the Kenner Landspeeder back in the 70s, Star Wars Marvel Comics, Carmine Infantino, the return of Jaxxon, Action figure memories with Steroid Luke and Grand Moff Tarkin, The rationale behind the “Emergency Candy Bar, Tech vs Toys and why kids need to play, VR Star Wars and “Vader Immortal”, 3D printing, Customizing action figures and the metal-faced “Jawa” from The Force Awakens, Geriatric Force Ghosts and “The Jedi Retirement Home”, Manufactured mysteries in Star Wars, The “Dune” effect,. And tons of questions: Does a Darksider sacrifice his own identity and why does Vader reject the Anakin aspect of his personality? Should have Ben and Yoda told Luke about his sister Leia before they did? Plus, a walk thru for Patreon users on how to add our RSS audio code to the iTunes Podcast app so you get all of our exclusive programming delivered directly to you.


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