Clone Wars: Declassified #37: The Mandalore Plot

S2 E12 "The Mandalore Plot"

Obi-Wan and Satine investigate rumors that the Mandalorians have sided with the Separatists, in fear that they may have resurrected their Death Watch army.

The long-awaited debut of Pre Vizla and The Death Watch has arrived with "The Mandalore Plot". Obi-Wan is reunited with old flame Satine Wren to investigate the rise of terrorism on the pacifist planet of Mandalore. Their detective work leads to startling revelations that will have major implications on the galaxy. Joining us are RFR VIP Patron and host of multiple RFR Q&A episodes Jeff Ellis from San Francisco, along with David Iskra, former Lucasfilm archivist for Star Wars In Concert. 


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