Clone Wars: Declassified #16: "Defenders of Peace"

"Defenders of Peace" S1 E14

While the Jedi combat a new Separatist weapon, the pacifist Lurmen must decide whether they will lay down to the oppressive Separatists or fight with Anakin, Ahsoka and Jedi General Aayla Secura.

Jason and Jimmy are once again joined by Fanboys director Kyle Newman for a fun and laid back conversation about the hit TV show, The Clone Wars. Run or fight? That's the big question we tackle in our discussion about the peace-loving Lurmen and their relationship to the Jedi and the galaxy-at-large. Oh yeah, we also talk about cool lightsaber battles, goofy battle droids, and Kick-A action on the battlefield. (Just in case you were afraid we take this stuff TOO seriously!) Plus your e-mails, v-mails, and a sneak peak at the next episode.


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