Clone Wars: Declassified #18: "The Hidden Enemy"

"The Hidden Enemy" S1 E16

Anakin and Obi-Wan discover evidence of a traitor amongst their ranks while attempting to lead Republic forces to liberate the planet of Christophsis from a Separatist siege. When the Republic is ambushed on Christophsis, it becomes clear that someone has set them up. The Jedi suspect the Sith, while Rex and Cody uncover information that points to a spy amongst them.

We're joined by Star Wars artists/musicians Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez for a deep discussion of this clone-centric episode. We talk clone rights, sexy Sith, and well-quaffed goatees. Plus, we introduce a new candidate for the RFR Voicemail Hall of Fame, Sonny From New Orleans, Asaaj Ventress's number one fan.



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