Jimmy Mac, RFR Featured in Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune reporter Chris Borelli hung out with Jimmy Mac for many months during 2015. The result? A fantastic piece on what it means to grow older with the STAR WARS SAGA. In his article "For Star Wars Fans in Middle Age, The Force Is Still Strong", Borelli describes Jimmy Mac like this:

Jimmy Mac recalled his age with a squint and a wince. Forty-six, he said after a pained calculation, the kind of hesitation that suggests lately he has to remember each time he is asked and would rather not remind himself. His hair is sort of brownish, with a bit of Irish red and, he pointed out, "a touch of gray." Jimmy Mac has been feeling old lately, though he doesn't seem old: He is a Chicago bro, a guy's guy, a longtime producer for radio personality Jonathon Brandmeier who speaks in the caffeinated, steamroller cadences of drive-time radio. Still, on a few things, Jimmy Mac (whose real name is James McInerney) can sound tender, his voice softening with unconditional love. He sounds like this talking about his two sons, he sounds like this talking about his wife, WGN radio host Wendy Snyder. And he sounds like this discussing his first love: a love that dates to 1977, a love that once seemed ephemeral, destined to fade with childhood. And yet, in the past decade alone, Jimmy Mac's love for "Star Wars" has only intensified.

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