Jason Swank Talks Theater with The Canton Rep


Jason Swank is known as our BondCast & Rebel Force Radio Co-Host, but many don’t know he’s one of the top marketing minds for the Cleveland theater district.  Recently, The Canton Rep caught up with Jason to talk about his “dream job” of marketing Cleveland’s Playhouse Square Center and growing up as a performer himself:

“Oh my, yes. Holiday gatherings usually involved me doing something like a bad magic show or my own version of ‘The First Thanksgiving.’ I always liked what I think of as ‘controlled attention,’ meaning on my terms. If I want attention, I get it. My problem as a kid was that I got attention all the time. It was hard for me to blend in with the crowd, even when I wanted to. My fourth-grade teacher let me put on a one-man show for the class, telling jokes and doing impressions. I have the video still. It wasn’t great. I give myself a C+. But it paved the way for me to get involved in theater.

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