IGN Spotlights RFR Interview with Dave Filoni

IGN writer Eric Goldman reports on Star Wars animation news which broke during our conversation with Dave Filoni…His first since the cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

During the interview, Filoni is asked if he’ll continue with Star Wars animation, and replies, “Well, that’s my plan!”

Filoni notes that Star Wars is “obviously important to me and I’ve had a very great time working here. I’ve really helped build the animation division from when I got here and there were only a handful of people.”

Regarding recent events, he remarks, “It’s a function of our industry… It’s not my favorite part. You can luckily grow things and bring on many talented people, but there become times when you have to shrink things as well. We happen to be in one of those times right now, but that just paves the way, hopefully, for new things and new creativity in the future.”

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