Help us and fight the RFR Twitter Impostors


UPDATE: The Twitter account that the squatters were using has been suspended. Thank you everyone who filed a complaint. We are looking into ways to get the account back in our possession.

I am making a request to all RFR listeners who operate a Twitter account. The Twitter account @RebelForceRadio is being squatted on by another Star Wars fan group and they have weaponized the account to attack, harass, slander, impersonate and misrepresent Rebel Force Radio LLC. I have been fighting this HARD via my personal Twitter account, and I wish nobody insert themselves into the fight, confront other fans, or cause any mayhem. All I simply ask is for you to report them to Twitter for impersonation.

Please do not be fooled by this account. The Twitter account is NOT associated with, or approved by Rebel Force Radio. They use the name of our podcast, website, and LLC, but do not provide a disclaimer in their bio. They are using our name to promote hatred directed at RFR and promote Star Wars podcasts not associated with us, Star Wars Celebration Chicago, and other interests outside our wishes. Please help us fight this violation of our basic individual rights. Thank you. -JMac