RFR Summer Hours for July

UPDATE 7/27/18:  SUMMER VACATION EXTENDED! We know you are looking forward to a new ep of RFR today, and we were looking forward to giving it to you, but due to some last minute scheduling snafus and other circumstances, there will be no new show this week. We are looking forward to returning next Friday with our reaction to #CloneWarsSaved, and other great Star Wars news and conversation. 

Just a friendly reminder that we are taking the week off from the show and will return next week per usual. Also, we will be taking the week of July 20th off as well so we can enjoy some quality summertime family time and travel.

So take some time over the course of July to enjoy the weather, friends, family...And, of course, STAR WARS. Go see Solo again if you still can, or jump into a hammock with your favorite Star Wars book, novel, or episode of RFR. Celebrate all the great things about the Saga and the community we have built here.

Recharge your batteries because we certainly will have a ton to look forward to like Star Wars Resistance, Star Wars Celebration Chicago, the still untitled live-action TV show coming from Jon Favreau,, and of course, Episode IX. We will be here for it all, week after week, to celebrate the Saga, our friendships, and our passion for the galaxy far, far away.