Celebrating 10 Years Of Star Wars Podcasting

On September 1st, 2006, newbie-podcaster Jason Swank submitted his first Star Wars podcast for publication. Jason, along with Pete Nadel, and soon to be joined by yours truly, began a weekly tradition of bringing talk radio and audio entertainment from The Star Wars universe to fans worldwide.

Today we celebrate 10 straight years of producing and providing Star Wars podcasts. When we started back in fall 2006, we were still basking in the fading glow of Revenge of the Sith and patiently awaiting the upcoming yet mysterious Clone Wars animated TV show. There were less than a handful of podcasts in general back then. Many came and went. It was during those early times when the technology of creating podcasts seemed as uncertain as the future of the Star Wars saga itself. But living through those challenges only strengthened our focus and desire to make Star Wars podcasting a legitimate platform. 

Over the past decade, with your help, we have accomplished a lot for ourselves and fandom while developing amazing friendships in the process. Being podcast pioneers has been a wild experience for us as we conquered new territory while creating fresh content each week. We've built a listening audience and community that we are very proud of and, because of you, our passion for Star Wars has only intensified in the process. 

Thank you all for supporting us and goofing off with us every week for the past ten years. Your friendship is felt by us through The Force everyday. Your feedback has been humbling and incredible. Our relationship with you has never felt stronger. With so much on the horizon for Star Wars, we know the NEXT ten years of Rebel Force Radio will be a blast!  So stick around for our eternal Star Wars celebration and remember, The Force will be with you...Always. 

- Jimmy Mac