Star Wars Oxygen Spotlighted by The Nerdist

The light shone brightly upon RFR's Star Wars Oxygen in the wake of our amazing conversation with "Frozen" composer, and all-around good guy, Robert Lopez. Nerdist writer Amy Ratcliffe said our interview with Robert combined two of her favorite things: STAR WARS and FROZEN. Amy's review of our chat provides a great summary. Here's an excerpt from "Robert Lopez On How Star Wars Influenced Frozen The Broadway Musical":

Lopez stumbled upon Star Wars Oxygen through an article on IGN and the podcast actually helped him figure out next steps with writing songs for Frozen the Musical. He told Collins and Jimmy Mac, “[I] listened to all the back episodes, and it made me realize I’m kind of in a similar position to where John Williams was when he had to do Empire Strikes Back… He had to use the same DNA from Star Wars and expand the glossary of themes. So, listening to you guys deconstruct all of that just got me so hugely inspired to re-investigate and reinvigorate this movie that had already been out for a couple of years.”

Thanks to The Nerdist and Amy Ratcliffe for the great coverage. You can read Amy's full review HERE.