MUSIC VIDEO: "Rey's Theme" (Oxygen Remix)

As heard on Star Wars Oxygen: Vol. 28! Here is the complete music video for "Rey's Theme" (Star Wars Oxygen Remix) by Anthony 'Full Effect' Cruz. Anthony is a 26 year old audio engineer from New York City and a big fan of the podcast. After listening to the first part of our STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS soundtrack review, Anthony was inspired to take the John Williams composition "Rey's Theme" and do a remix of sorts to show just how commercially viable the composition actually is in today's musical landscape. Using reworked/rearranged portions of the original composition, keys played on the actual podcast by David Collins and some added instruments of his own, Anthony created a new version of "Rey's Theme" which embodies both the current landscape of today's popular music and the emotion from the original. In addition to that, he cut some trailer footage together from TV Spots, teasers, etc. to create visuals for this new version of "Rey's Theme". ENJOY!