Blow Up The Death Star On New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve is rapidly approaching so it’s time to remind you about our annual RFR tradition: Blowing Up The Death Star At Midnight! 

Sure, Times Square has its ball drop and that’s cool and everything. But we prefer to blow the ball up! What better way to ring in the new year than with the original STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE. If you start watching the film at the precise moment, you will see the Death Star explode right at midnight. But you have to be prepared! Here is how you do it: 

Viewing instructions -- see below for Digital, DVD and Blu-ray times

1. Set up early! Cue up your copy of A NEW HOPE. Go to the main menu, start the movie and hit pause once it starts. Make sure the counter reads 0:00:00. Once you hit play, the first thing you see needs to be the 20th Century Fox logo and fanfare (Remember that?). When you reach the designated time (as determined below), hit the play button. You can use this website to determine the exact time as determined by our nation's atomic clock.

2. Watch the movie! If you have the capabilities, watch television coverage of the countdown to midnight via picture-in-picture.

3. If you timed it just right, and your media player didn't have any hiccups, the Death Star will explode at exactly midnight. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

4. Celebrate with friends, family, and beverages of your choice.


NEW! Digital Edition: Press Play at 10:02:43pm. The Death Star will explode at 1:57:17 into the movie.

Special Edition DVD: Press play at 10:02:48 PM. The Death Star will explode at 1:57:12 intp the movie.

Blu-ray Disc: Press play at 10:02:42 PM. The Death Star will explode at 1:57:18 into the movie.

Have a safe and Happy New Year from Jimmy Mac, Jason Swank and all of our friends here at Rebel Force Radio.

Listen below to hear us talk about the origin of this New Year’s Eve Tradition and offer tips on how to do it perfectly yourself this year!