Clone Wars: Declassified #49: Filoni Files X

We're excited to begin revisiting Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3 with our RFR CLONE WARRIOR Tier. Who's doing the re-watch with us? Season 3 is one of the best seasons of the show, especially the second half where we get into the origins of Savage Opress with The Nightsister Trilogy and we meet up with a younger Tarkin at The Cidadel. Before we get into the season itself, we have a classic Filoni interview to kick things off.

Dave Filoni joined us at the start of Season 3 to look ahead and answer some of our questions about what we've already seen. Dave preps us for the upcoming season as the show begins to get into much more detail about characters and story. We discuss the series being told from the perspective of Ahsoka, the clones and Order 66, and Ventress's evil kiss that was edited out of a season 2 episode by Cartoon Network.


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