RFR Q&A #20: The Star Wars Psychologist

RFR VIP Matt Rashid returns to the Q&A to moderate a marathon, and really eye-opening conversation with Jimmy Mac about the future of Star Wars and how it ties into the past. Matt has a hangup about the wardrobe for Han Solo in an issue of Marvel Comics “Star Wars” monthly title. They discuss the growing use of adult language in Star Wars films and novels and consider if such terminology appropriately fits the tone of the saga. Is critical conversation about Star Wars necessarily “negative”? Matt plays the role of psychologist as Jimmy Mac struggles between his longtime role as an unabashed Star Wars cheerleader, compared to his current, more critical approach. The Kane County Toy Fair happened in Illinois last weekend, and Jimmy was there with Billy Mac. Here about all the cool vintage Star Wars stuff they scored. Matt has a four year old son who is WAY into Star Wars. Hear how Matt shares The Wars with his young son. Kenner’s classic “The Escape From The Death Star” Board Game returns, this time with a Tarkin action figure too! We go on the search for one online. Plus, Star Wars Resistance, Luke post-Jedi, and more.  


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