RFR Rush Hour #42: Off The Road and In The Studio

FREE EPISODE! Usually on RFR RUSH HOUR, we’re in the car with Swank as he commutes home after a long day of work. But this week, Rush Hour comes to you from the RFR home studio as Jason is on mic for our usual “Star Wars Etc” conversation. The Swank family is all onboard with re-watching THE CLONE WARS so we talk about all the episodes the kids recently watched. We take you behind-the-scenes of our latest YouTube video, PUPPET LANDO REVIEWS JABBA’S SAIL BARGE. We look at some of our latest Patreon audio releases including Jimmy Mac’s “Five Minutes with Frank Oz”. The RFR Voicemail Hotline is open exclusively for RFR Patreon members, and we manage to get in a couple about upcoming movies, streaming series, and STAR WARS RESISTANCE. Plus, Jason gives us an update on displaying his collection, Jimmy talks about growing up reading comic books and more. If you enjoy this episode of RFR RUSH HOUR, become a member to hear every episode and more!