RFR Q&A #19: Coup d'etat, Continued...With Matthew Rooney

Were the Jedi attempting to perform a coup d’etat when moving in to arrest Chancellor Palpatine? Following up on last week’s Mac brothers debate with Matthew Rooney, who offers some of his opinions and ideas. Jimmy has an update on the rising oppression of The First Order on STAR WARS RESISTANCE. We look back at the classic Expanded Universe novel “Tales of the Mos Eisley Cantina” and the fate of Greedo. Plus comic book talk going back to Dark Horse Comics STAR WARS titles to the upcoming Marvel retro-continuation of their original line with STAR WARS #108. Are we looking forward to the return of Jaxxon the Rabbit? We discuss along with some vintage Star Wars Marvel memories and a little chat about previous Star Wars Celebration disasters.


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