The Surge Talks To Jimmy Mac About RFR

Jimmy Mac talked about Rebel Force Radio with the popular tech/entertainment website The Surge. In the article "Rebel Force Radio is Where the Cool Star Wars Fans Hang Out", Jimmy discussed how RFR grew into a destination for fans worldwide. In an excerpt from the interview, Jimmy Mac had this to say to writer Lacy Cooke about the growth of the show:

“The personal touch, the professional touch, the consistency and the passion has all just made the show develop the way it has. We achieved a lot of firsts for podcasting as far as gaining access. That’s something that really set us apart back then and I think it still sets us apart now. Back then it was pretty revolutionary and new for a fan website to get someone actually associated with the production itself on their website. Sitting down with some of these legendary people from the Star Wars films like Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, George Lucas himself; to have fans having this kind of interaction with them and going on for an hour or so was revolutionary,” he says. “It was part of this vision I had, and people started liking it because it was so focused but so professionally done that it made a difference.”

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