Star Wars Oxygen in Vanity Fair

Star Wars Oxygen was mentioned in a Vanity Fair article about what is arguably the most famous piece of music from the saga, "The Imperial March". In the piece "Why The Star Wars 'Imperial March' Is the Best Music Cue in Movie History", writer had this to say about Oxygen:

"Looking at the numbers, it may seem like viewers of The Empire Strikes Back are simply bludgeoned into submission. Replacing a far more brief and understated Imperial theme in A New Hope, some form of “The Imperial March” plays, according to David Collins of the Rebel Force Radio Star Wars Oxygen: The Music of John Williams podcast, around 35 distinct times over the course of the second movie."

Great to see David's hard work get recognition from Vanity Fair! Of course, you know Star Wars Oxygen is the only podcast where you can hear this sort of info. Start binge listening now!