Rebel Force Radio Featured In The Guardian UK

The UK’s “The Guardian” and writer Paul Harris featured RFR and our involvement spearheading the “Save The Clone Wars” campaign.

Last week the Rebel Force Radio show opened with McInerney urging listeners to write to Bob Iger – the boss of Disney who bought the Star Wars franchise from Lucas last year – and deluge his offices with thousands of outraged letters. But the subject of McInerney’s ire was not Disney’s coming plans for a fresh Star Wars movie trilogy, which has set fans’ hearts aflutter across the world; it was the possible cancellation of the far less well known Star Wars television cartoon series The Clone Wars.

“I am panicking right now. This is the time to panic,” McInerney said in the sort of angry voice usually employed by political “shock jocks” such as Rush Limbaugh. “Fans should speak up now to let Disney know that we care about The Clone Wars. We have to let them know now as they are deciding the fate of the show.”

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