Jimmy Mac Rants: Idiotic??? How Dare You Ebert


Roger Ebert posted this transcript of Jimmy Mac’s reaction to his anti-“Fanboys” review.  Here is an excerpt from Roger’s official website:

What bothers me is this quote from your review of “Fanboys”: “Its primary flaw is that it’s not critical. It is a celebration of an idiotic lifestyle, and I don’t think it knows it”

Now… when I read the words “Idiotic Lifestyle,” my heart sunk. I actually felt personally offended. I’ve never felt such emotion before while reading a review. I felt like you were calling out my lifestyle as Idiotic. Why the hate??? Where does THAT come from. It was an ignorant and close-minded put-down that needs to be addressed. Remember when Chuck Woolery said the 501st (Star Wars costuming group) were guys who need to get a life at the Rose Bowl parade??? He realized afterwards that it was a ridiculous remark and he apologized. I think this situation is just as bad times 10!

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