Watch Our Live Call-In Show on YouTube Now

RFR went live earlier this week to take your calls and gauge your reaction to all the big reveals from STAR WARS at D23. Our switchboard got flooded with calls as you weighed in with thoughts and theories about THE MANDALORIAN and THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, including the sight of “Dark Rey” . The show is in two parts due to a mid show power outage…CLASSIC RFR. The entire show will be available soon as a polished podcast that you will receive via our RSS feed, so it will be delivered to you where ever you get RFR. But if you want to WATCH RFR, just click on the videos below. Plus, our live test show from the night before is also right below for your convenience!

Thanks to everyone who called in to contribute to the conversation. Stay tuned to RFR to find out when we plan on doing this again. We hope it becomes a regular thing!