Watch The George Lucas Hip Hop

"The George Lucas Hip Hop" is our multiple-award-winning entry in the 2008 Star Wars Fan Film Awards. We were inspired by a report that George Lucas had been spotted at the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network's 2008 awards dinner. Written and produced by Jimmy Mac with Jason Swank proving the voice of "The Notorious G.L." and animated by Mark and Kay Minckiewicz. We submitted this video for the 2008 Star Wars Fan Film Awards. The awards ceremony was held on Friday, July 25, 2008 at San Diego Comic-Con. "The George Lucas Hip Hop" won Best Animated Feature and Audience Choice awards, which were presented by Dave Filoni and Kyle Newman respectively.

Yo, yo, yo 
This is the Notorious GL 
What up dogs? Word. 

I'm back from the Ranch, lightsaber in my like a shit dick pocket  
Jump into my X-wing, take off like a rocket 
A ton in the bank, Melody on my arm 
Death Star's approaching, so raise the alarm! 

Fighting with the critics over Howard the Duck 
I read their reviews, I said, "What the f**k!" 
I hipped and I hopped, with Jar Jar and Mace 
Greedo shot first, so in your face! 

I hope some day I win a hip hop award 
I like to play with my laser sword 
I'm taking off, I think we're set 
To get some gin and juice with Boba Fett 

Punch it 
So wizard