Star Wars Historical Sourcebook Quotes RFR


By Jimmy Mac

Author W.R. Miller's new book, The Star Wars Historical Sourcebook Volume One: 1971-1976 is on sale now and features 13 quotes from our 2013 interview with original Star Wars marketing guru Charles Lippincott. In this amazing resource, historian W.R. Miller presents a complete chronological account of the Star Wars cinematic franchise, from 1971-1990. His research took him to libraries all over the country, including Skywalker Ranch. 

I met the author, aka Bob Miller, as he was doing research and prep at Rancho Obi-Wan. I was amazed at the in-depth, deep dive Bob was undertaking as he tracked down every magazine and newspaper article to mention Star Wars, going all the way back to the beginning. During our conversation, Bob presented me with a box packed with fascinating printouts and scans of his recent discoveries and  I was very impressed with his exhaustive research. The book compiles an amazing collection of sources and public documentation of the history of Star Wars, and is a must-read for the serious fan. Click HERE to get your copy now.