The Franchise Watches The X-Men

Hosted by Kyle Newman & Razzle Dangerously, produced by Jimmy Mac, and featuring amazing guests, Howl FM's THE FRANCHISE on Stitcher Premium is an incredible platform of conversation about your favorite film franchises! This time around, the spotlight shines on THE X-MEN films and Kyle has gathered some great guests to talk about them. Listen now when you sign up for Sticher Premium. Get a FREE month when you use the code: FRANCHISE.

Ranked #1 in Wizard magazine's 2008 'Top 200 Comic Book Characters of All Time', the X-Man known most famously as Wolverine has not only garnered the attention of funnybook fans around the world but is also the emotional fulcrum of 20th Century Fox's wildly successful X-Men franchise. With the debut of the Wolverine: The Long Night audio drama series on Stitcher. The Franchise takes a look back at the high points of Wolverine's onscreen history with a season dedicated entirely to Marvel's beloved, and our favorite, mutant.

1. X-Men: Returning guest, actress and comic book nerd, Clare Grant is joined by photographer Kaelan Barowsky to chat with hosts Kyle and Razzle about the film that kicked off the X-Men Filmverse and introduced Hugh Jackman to the world!

2.   X2: Kyle, Razzle, are once again joined by Clare Grant as well as one of the producers of X2 (among other films), David Gorder who stops by to drop some incredible behind the scenes knowledge on the entire series including the casting of Hugh Jackman! 


3.   The Wolverine: Writer and Director BenDavid Grabinski sits back down in the palatial Franchise studio with Kyle and Razzle to chat about Logan's sojourn to Japan and what makes this an underrated film in the franchise!


4.    X-Men: Days of Future Past: Derek Hoffman, producer of Days of Future Past and an important behind the scenes figure in the making of this entire franchiseshares the table with returning guest and film producer FJ DeSanto to talk time travel, timelines and reboots! Which timeline are we in?


5.    Logan: Kyle and Razzle are joined by actress Alison Haislip and Maude Garrett host and founder of Geekbomb to break down James Mangold's mutant masterpiece, Logan, arguably one of cinema's best super hero installments.