When The Galaxy Listens Launches Worldwide

Available now on YouTube is "When The Galaxy Listens", the story of Rebel Force Radio. Finally, you can see Sheldon Norton's looks at the people, family and friends behind the long-running, award-winning STAR WARS podcast. You've heard us talking about this project for a long time, and now, you can see it for yourself right here! 

Over a decade in the making, this is the story of Rebel Force Radio. Toronto filmmaker Sheldon Norton, with camera in hand, spent years following RFR hosts Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac to capture the passion, experiences, and accomplishments of two Star Wars podcast pioneers, along with their family and friends. Plus, hear from notable Star Wars personalities and fans from around the world. "When The Galaxy Listens" is the premiere of what will become a semi-regular web series to found on the RFR YouTube Channel.