Chicago Tribune Gives RFR a Shout-Out

By Jimmy Mac

Chicago Tribune reporter Christopher Borrelli contacted me while prepping an article about Star Wars author and Chicago-area native Timothy Zahn. The question he asked me was simple: "Can you place his (Zahn's) importance within the Star Wars community". I provided Chris with a lengthy response from which he chose a little portion to include in his article. Thanks Chris! 

This excerpt from the article explains the growth of Star Wars following the release of Zahn's "Heir To The Empire": 

First, new books, games (which became known as the Expanded Universe). Then new movies. That wave has not receded. Jimmy Mac, co-host of the popular Chicago-based podcast Rebel Force Radio, said Zahn has come to represent, in "Star Wars" lore, "the end of the so-called Dark Times."

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