Huffington Post Places RFR on Top 10 List

Rebel Force Radio joined the ranks of The Nerdist, Hollywood Babble-On, and other podcasting mega-stars as one of the "Top Ten Geek Podcasts You Should Check Out Now".  Huffington Post writer and independent film maker Eric Sharkey had this to say about RFR:

If you are a geek, odds are you probably love Star Wars! In my opinion Rebel Force Radio is easily the best Star Wars podcast out there. Hosts Jimmy Mac and Jason Swank know an amazing amount of information about the film franchise that takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. They have had a wide variety of guest that have worked on all things Star Wars, including the animated show, comic books, novels and video games. They have even interviewed the creator himself, George Lucas, and recorded shows from Skywalker Ranch. They get all kinds of exclusives from Lucasfilm and have managed to keep the show lively and fresh over the years.

Thanks Eric Sharkey and The Huffington Post for the kind words and good company. CLICK HERE to read the entire article!