RFR Bash Soundtrack Vol. 1 Now Available

The RFR Bash Soundtrack Vol. 1 is now available at the official RFR Patreon website. This collection of Star Wars music was heard at the 2017 RFR Celebration Kickoff Bash. These tunes were handpicked by Jimmy Mac and were blasted over the PA system in the sold-out ballroom at the Hilton Orlando. LEAVING NO FAN BEHIND, we are happy to give the RFR Patreon Community access to this soundtrack which, we hope, will put you right back in to the Star Wars party mode. Look for Vol. 2 coming soon and thanks to everyone who made the Bash such a huge success! 

To get the soundtrack, simply become a member of the RFR Patreon Community. Become an RFR Insider starting at just $1 per month!