RFR is Front Page News!


By Jimmy Mac

Our appearance at Lyons Township High School was covered by The Doings newspaper in the western suburbs of Chicago. Even better, it made the front page! In this excerpt from the article titled "Lyons Township High School Gets Star Wars Fix As The New Movie Opens", we cannot hide our enthusiasm for the STAR WARS Galaxy:

"It's great to be here doing this," McInerney said. "Everyone is very excited about the new movie, and Jason was going to be in town for the opening, so this worked out great."

Along with talking about Star Wars on their podcasts, McInerney and Swank remain huge fans.

"I lose my professional edge sometimes and become that 8-year-old kid again," McInerney said.

And the interest in Star Wars crosses generations, Swank said.

"The moment you see your kids running around with light sabers in hand, and you didn't put them there, it's really touching," he said.

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