Join RFR in Support of The Starlight Foundation

By Jimmy Mac

Every year during the holidays (and year-round for that matter), our long-time friend and legendary Star Wars voice actor Stephen Stanton and his crew have been doing amazing things for those less fortunate. One of their benefactors has been the incredible Starlight Foundation (, an amazing organization that creates worlds of joy for hospitalized children via technology like VR, activities like playgrounds, games and crafts. visits from celebrities and more. 

Motivated by our friendship with Stephen, Dutch, and Miss Kathy, we are proud to represent each and every one of you with a one dollar donation per member of this great community. As of today, we currently have 392 patrons. We will started with $392.00 donation, but will continue to add another dollar per NEW member between now and Christmas Day, December 25. Following the holiday, we will send the difference to Starlight. 

This would never have happened unless the RFR Patreon community existed. Join now and we will donate a dollar on your behalf to Starlight. Plus, get RFR Full Access to hear all of our exclusive bonus shows like RFR Rush Hour, RFR Rewind, RFR Q&A and more! Thank you Stephen Stanton & Friends for always helping us find new ways to tap into The Force to help others. Visit for more information about how you can make a difference. And...Follow Stephen Stanton on Twitter and tell him RFR sent ya.