Jimmy Mac's Recent Radio and Podcast Appearances

By Jimmy Mac

While RFR was on hiatus for a few weeks in January, I filled the time by appearing on a few radio shows and podcasts. Here's a rundown:

On Friday January 6, I had the opportunity to co-host half of the Wendy and Bill show on WGN. As most know, I am married to Chicago talk show host Wendy Snyder and with her co-host Bill Leff on vacation, I was tapped to ride shotgun. You can listen to the full podcast at the official WGN website. 

East Side Dave McDonald is a radio star and media personality from New York, and host of his own show on the Anthony Cumia network. ESD is a huge Star Wars fan and often asks me to join him on his crazy show to talk about Star Wars. Watch the video below as I choke on a Star Wars music challenge but ESD was too nice to let me lose! 

Pugs Moran is a well-known radio personality in both Chicago and Dallas. He now hosts his own podcast for the Radio Misfits network and I was more than happy to spend the afternoon with Pugs at his southside Chicago recording studio. You can listen to the whole show HERE.

I was invited to join Patrick Phillips on his syndicated entertainment program Pop Culture Tonight to talk about the legacy of Carrie Fisher. You can listen the entire show HERE. 


Recently, I have also had time to sit in on a few great Star Wars podcasts like Collectors Galaxy with Justin Seeley, Star Wars Tonight with Riley Blanton, and  Radio Free Endor, where we had a lot of laughs. 

And to wrap things up, I returned to WGN Radio to sit in with "Elton" Jim Turano to talk about Chicago's loss of the Lucas Museum, Carrie Fisher's passing, and all-things Star Wars. You can hear the entire segment HERE

Thanks to all the shows and their hosts for inviting me on to talk The Wars!