Jimmy Mac's Recent Star Wars Podcast Appearances

By Jimmy Mac

I made guest appearances on three Star Wars podcasts over the past few months, all popular within the fan community and a ton of fun to participate in conversation with such great guys!

The first stop was the Toy Run podcast a few days after Rogue Friday. I talked to Criz Bee and Jake about the first wave of Rogue One action figures and we enjoyed a broad discussion about Star Wars collecting in general, which is one of my passions.  Click HERE to visit the Toy Run website and listen to my conversation with the guys on TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast - Episode 31: NYCC Reveals And Jimmy Mac. 

Another really cool chat went down when I was invited on the Podcast 66 show. This was my second time talking to Ryan and Daniel -- I was their first-ever guest on their first-ever show!  Recorded towards the end of October, we naturally discussed all of our Star Wars halloween memories. They also asked many thoughtful questions about our role in introducing podcasting to the Star Wars fan community all those years ago to now working on Rebel Force Radio, and some behind-the-scenes tales from Rancho Obi-Wan. Click HERE to listen to Podcast 66's "Hauloween" Show. 

Last but not least is the fan favorite RADIO 1138. As most of you know, RADIO 1138 originally launched on the RFR network, but it's now independently produced by our friends at Jedi News. And kicking ass in the process! I was fortunate to spend a few days with the guys at Lucasfilm in San Francisco and The 2016 Rancho Obi-Wan Gala. Before I split to head back to the airport, we were able to grab a few minutes outside ROW to talk about the incredible weekend we all shared. To hear it for yourself, click HERE for RADIO 1138: Episode 54! 

Thank you Toy Run, Podcast 66, and RADIO 1138 for your fine hospitality and insightful discussions!