Show Host

Jason Swank cannot remember life without STAR WARS. Born in 1977, Swank says his love of The Wars, (“thank you, Fanboys”) is the result of growing up the youngest in a family obsessed with the movies and toys. While his older brother and cousins grew out of their fandom, he never did.

When the opportunity came to host a podcast in 2007, Swank jumped at the chance to introduce the talk radio format to STAR WARS. The circle became complete when he hooked up with longtime radio veteran Jimmy Mac. The two have blazed a trail for more than seven years together, bringing their unique personalities to STAR WARS fan chatter, culminating in their founding Rebel Force Radio in January 2013.

When not in front of the microphone talking STAR WARS or his other favorite film franchise, James Bond, Swank works in marketing and public relations at the Nation's largest performing arts center outside of New York City, Cleveland’s Playhouse Square. He and his wife, Debra, live in Northeast Ohio with their two children, Bailey and Parker.

Jason Swank, along with his RFR co-host Jimmy Mac, was the host of Lucasfilm’s "Star Wars Celebration Anaheim" Behind-The-Scenes Stage.