Show Contributor

F.J. DeSanto is a Partner and the President of Development at Silver Fox Entertainment. DeSanto has been responsible for acquiring, developing and maintaining a large slate of projects based on comic books, graphic novels, manga and anime while also overseeing deals with writers, agents, comic book companies, creators and movie studios. Prior to SFE, he was the Senior Vice President of Production and Development and Producer for Comic Book Movies Inc., and spent nine years as Vice President of Development for the Executive Producers of the BATMAN franchise.

Previously, DeSanto Co-Produced THE SPIRIT written and directed by Frank Miller and based on the classic graphic novel series, for Lionsgate; the animated TUROK: SON OF STONE DVD (Classic Media/The Weinstein Company). He recently produced BEHIND THE COMICS, a show for AT&T Uverse showcasing modern comic talent working on classic characters such as Spider-Man and Batman and featuring Stan Lee, Alyssa Milano and Jim Lee. He also served as an assistant to the producers of the feature film CONSTANTINE, directed by Francis Lawrence and starring Keanu Reeves (Warner Bros) and based on the DC Comics series. 

As a writer and intellectual property creator, DeSanto created INSURGENT, which was published by DC Comics/Warner Brothers, THE INFINITY RULE, an original science fiction series co-created with George Krstic (STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS) for BOOM Studios, and ABADDON, a supernatural gangland comic book series with artist Eric Gravel. 

Delving into branded properties, DeSanto was recently hired by 20th Century Fox and Boom Studios to write the comic book prequel to the forthcoming motion picture AGENT 47, based on the hugely popular HITMAN series of video games. A westernized graphic novel version of the Japanese classic manga CYBORG 009 written by Mr. DeSanto and Bradley Cramp (INVERTIGO) was the first ever book of it’s kind to be simultaneously published in the US (by Archaia Entertainment) and Japan (by Shopro Books) and digitally through Comixology. It was nominated for three Harvey Awards, including Best Graphic Album. 

At the request of Lucasfilm, he and director Kyle Newman wrote the critically acclaimed SMUGGLER’S GAMBIT, an original STAR WARS live audio show that was performed at STAR WARS CELEBRATION in August 2012. It’s sequel, SMUGGLER’S BOUNTY was attended by thousands and watched by millions live on during CELEBRATION 2015.